Wednesday, August 5, 2009


i want to drink my tea.
i need to take a shower.
should i wear my hair curly or straight?
i should test that nail polish.
if i don't use it i can take it back.
i should put all these clothes away.
i need to make some art.
i need to read a book.
i want to get a plaid shirt.
and those cute boots.
i hate boots.
should i sign up for a fourth class?
when will i get that email?
i will never get that text.
i miss wearing open toed shoes.
i love my sanuks.
i've been really into perfume lately.
i need to keep up with the news.

1 comment:

  1. wear that hear curly, girl. yes, test that nail polish 'cause i'm testing mine tomorrow. why put the clothes away when you're just gonna pack em up and bring them to school next month? procrastinate! i want a plaid shirt too!! HELL NO, don't sign up for a fourth class.

    and most importantly:

    the news will only depress, scare, and disappoint you. take care to watch what you follow.