Wednesday, October 21, 2009

feels so good

beth retro put this together and it makes me happy.
she did this as well. love it.

Monday, October 19, 2009

those things you can predict

i think it's so weird that you can look at a calendar and know what you will be doing that day. or in preparation for that day. like i can look at november 18th, 19th and 20th and say "oh, i will be taking finals and packing up my car to go home", and i can say all of that, just like that. a simple, little sentence. but in comparison it will in no way be that simple. i will shoot so many photos, spend countless hours in the dark room, spend so many friday nights cranking that press. all for... what? it's so strange i can look at a calendar and imagine things that haven't happened yet. for instance, i know that i will drive home that november 20th, not get home until 10 o'clock at night, and the very next day i will be at my dad's, with my black peacoat and my boots and the cold outside, the slush on the ground. i know that we will celebrate my dad's 52nd birthday and it will be warm and full of love and laughter and food. it hasn't happened but i can imagine it and know it. and i know i always claim i hate the cold, and this is true. but when you are in a city that is warm 9 months of the year, when i am home and it's cold i barely notice it because it's during the warmest time of the year. my dad's house permanently smells like cinnamon and apples from thanksgiving to new years and probably before and after that but how i would i know? there is always just so much love and family and candles being lit that the weather outside doesn't matter, just the people inside do.

when i was a little kid, i always thought that there was a duplicate united states, and that every time you touched your finger to a map, a giant finger was coming over the people in that land of the duplicate united states, like they would be outside playing frisbee and all of a sudden, in slow motion, it would get very dark and a giant finger would appear in the sky and everyone would run for cover in the same places that you would a tornado. this seems insignificant but it is much like the looking ahead on the calendar.

to me, anyways.

Sunday, October 18, 2009


it's 58° in savannah and i love Love LOVE it! i couldn't be happier if there were actually fall leaves on the ground.
this reminds me of a christmas story, 100%.

Monday, October 12, 2009

the comfort zone

this kid greg in my litho class looks like the most comfortable human being on the face of the earth. he's thin but muscular and always wearing a plain colored, somewhat tight fitting shirt but it's still loose and isn't too baggy. his jeans fit him perfectly and his belt looks like a decoration. he wears loafers with cotton on the inside to keep your feet snuggly and his stylish, black glasses everyday. he's clean, simple and comfortable. i think i am only on my diet so i can be as comfortable as him.


i have no idea whose image this is. i found it on the school computer when getting my own images from it. i really like it, though. it's gross and disgusting but i guess the whole "green is serene" thing is working for it. it's so dilapidated, how pools often are this time of i can't get the color the same. the green of the side of the pool is so neon and vibrant that's it's almost glowing.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

this is amazing

i have such a respect for pete seeger.

Monday, October 5, 2009


i've been in large format for 3½ weeks now and these are my favorite images so far. i know the bottom is dark but it's because i found out i was loading my film backwards! at least i figured it out now and not 7 weeks in. i still need to try and fix the scratches and there are marks from the squeezy clip when it was in the dryer but... this is what i have for now! i just LOVE how 4x5 allows you to see every texture.

Friday, October 2, 2009

smell me

to be honest, i hate drawing. but the smell of Anderson hall.... man, do i miss it. it was wood and charcoal and colored pencil and graphite and all of those pesky materials i don't like using but uh, that was a good smell. i have to say it was almost inspirational. i remember one day in october two years ago in my drawing one class, it was a little chilly and rainy and beth baronian played "black bird" by the beatles and i know i have heard that song so many times before but now whenever i hear it i will always think of that day, of beth, and of that smell.