Tuesday, August 18, 2009

i will do better

dear body:

i promise that starting on september 14, things will change. we will go running, swimming, and do yoga more often. i will give you your proper 8 hours and hopefully even some naps. we will be able to keep our own food in the house, so lots of salad with chicken, strawberry oatmeal and even all that fruit you've been craving. i know we've been doing pretty well with water and i promise we will keep that up. soda will be for going out with the girls, and beer will be reserved for sunday football. we will party and have a good time, but we will always run the day after, sweat everything out and drink gatorade to bring back all the electrolytes you lost. your nails will be kept short and unless it's it's curly hair day, you will have a brushed head of hair every day. your lip might be getting a new hole through it, but i promise to keep it clean and not let it get infected. we will shower every day, no matter how tired, overworked, or busy you may be.

but christmas break, well that's a different story.

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