Sunday, February 22, 2009

positive overtones

for years i have been debating lip rings. i guess i had always felt bad ass enough that i was taking it into consideration. after five years of consideration, i think it's finally time. a friend and i made a pact that she would get a tattoo she has wanted for a long time and i would get my piercing the same day. i checked out this place called planet three and have gotten a few recommendations to go there. so today i checked it out- just checked it out- and i was all jittery and strung out, it was ridiculous. you would have thought i was about to sign my soul over to the devil. i know, i'm so dramatic. in a strange way it kind of calmed me about the whole affair but i'm glad my friend has a tattoo appointment so i have some time to prepare myself for the actual date.

1 comment:

  1. girl! we need to talk. i spent like all of high school debating my need/desire for a lip ring. then i gave in and freshman year went to planet 3 and got one! you should totally go for it. and ill go with you because i want my nose pierced again!