Tuesday, December 15, 2009

future Rory Gilmore

i have recently decided that i need to start dressing better. i'm getting older and i want to feel older. when i dress better, i look older. when i wear hoodies and jeans i could easily be mistaken for a high schooler. i always feel this way when i'm at home, and i care about dressing better for the people i'm around or could potentially run into, but when i'm at school it's so busy and fast paced that i don't bother with taking the time to look better. i don't really care what anyone at school thinks, and in my down time i want to relax or have fun, not have wasted it because i just spent 30 minutes doing my hair and make-up. i love my hair when it's straight but it takes so damn long. and usually most people can dress better because they are in majors that require a computer or nothing liquid of any sort. photography chemicals, inks, isopar... it never ends for me. what's the point of looking like a grown-up if i'll just ruin it? and why try and look nice when i'll rip it all off three hours later and put on gym clothes? i can't wait until i'm out of school so i can dress how i want all the time.

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