Monday, November 30, 2009

a little christmas list

deanna templeton's book

todd selby's bookalphabet magnutzgreen tea purse (love that they call it green tea)ivory scarf

i'm not usually an internet shopper. i know there are 5 different angles of the product, a giant zoom i can use to see every fiber in it and a 1,000 word description about it but how do you really know unless you go into the store? these are things i've actually seen but were sold out of in the store/ found cheaper online/ the store is 800 miles away and i now have to order it online. the books i haven't seen but deanna templeton is my favorite, ever, and todd selby takes some pretty awesome portraits.

i've also been really into scarves lately. i used to be very against the scarf for fashion purposes. it's an accessory to keep you warm, not to look cute when it's 80˚ outside. and i still hold my stand with this one, however, i have come to love them. i probably won't wear one when it's scalding hot outside but in cool enough weather, why not? i am happy with this decision.

on a last note, all of this would be great for christmas but all i really, truly want, is to keep the peace. i want my family to get along, shut up, love each other, and play some bored games with me.

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