Tuesday, March 3, 2009

dream wedding ♥

i was browsing snippet & ink and found these photographs and tid-bits from this couples wedding. i assure you that mine will incorporate a lot of these ideas, including all the yellow!

each bridesmaid wore a yellow dress of their choosing. all of the flowers were done by anne appleman.

guests could take home bundles of pencils printed with "allison loves mark loves allison..." The guest book was a scrapbook that mark found at a thrift store. allison pasted envelopes into it for individual notes.
buttons with different messages - things about ohio (where allison and mark are both from), the flavor of the cake (chocolate and banana), the title of their first song, etc. - served as conversation pieces.

allison bought books for $1 from strand books and used them to give height to centerpieces. she also bought quilting fabric from purl soho, which mark's mom sewed into table runners and tablecloths. they used fabric scraps to tie pencils and napkins.

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